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Torino Airport welcomes the experimentation of our personal mobility devices with autonomous driving

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The experimentation of ALBA Robot's personal mobility devices for the assistance of Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) at Torino Airport has finally started!

The project, carried out in collaboration with Torino City Lab, is aimed at testing the use of SEDIA (SEat Designed for Intelligent Autonomy), an innovative device with autonomous driving and voice commands. The experimentation, the first in Italy to be applied in an airport, aims to employ a personal mobility device equipped with Artificial Intelligence in a real operating environment.

The application of this solution offers the advantage to the Torino Airport staff to be able to dedicate more time to support and relationship with passengers, relieving them from the mere handling. In addition, the autonomous driving system on predefined maps allows the vehicles to autonomously relocate to the predefined service bays, once the assistance is over, optimizing the management of the fleet.

At first we defined the areas of application of the experiment, the regulatory aspects and the operational requirements of assistance to passengers with reduced mobility at airports; currently the validation and optimization phase is underway, after which the operational experimentation will be started, we are looking forward to it!


Press release

PR 03_16 Torino Airport testing Alba Robot partnership with Torino City Lab_ENG
Download PDF • 117KB


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