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TEDxTorino - Be Kind

When people hear about mobility and autonomous driving their minds immediately think of cars.

Some years ago Andrea Bertaia realized that smart mobility can also - and above all - help those who have lost all or part of their own mobility.

With the ALBA Robot’s team he is now designing a new mobility, which allows people with reduced mobility to move independently or assisted.

Our mission is to bring technology to the service of those who really need it, creating advanced mobility systems and developing a platform for the safe and autonomous transport of both people and objects.

“We're not thinking about just improving the way people move, but also about providing new experiences and to do so through personal mobility vehicles that also look beautiful”, says Andrea.

The TEDxTorino talk is finally out! Watch the video to find out how Andrea’s project has started and how it can Be Kind through Lorenza Trinchero’s experience as a wheelchair user.


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