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Updated: May 16

ALBA Robot announces its participation in the project "Be ALBA Be HEALTHY: let's take care of ourselves, so we can take care of others".

The initiative aims to promote well-being in the workplace, which then impacts social well-being, working well together and also sustainability.

We were chosen as an innovative startup focusing on social impact and caring activities, something we are always very proud of!

We believe that human resources are the most valuable, so it is our duty to take care of them.

The project is promoted and coordinated by PYXIS, a pioneering HR consultancy firm with the purpose of promoting healthy leadership and people well-being to ensure business success.

The implementation is being carried out by the students of bachelor of Science in Dietetics at Università degli Studi di Torino. The partnership between Turin’s University and Pyxis is in its 4th year and aims to boost health and performance among professionals.

The program, designed specifically for us, will help us make improvements in our lifestyle and make more conscious choices. Over the next few months, we will receive newsletters that will contain useful information and tips regarding healthy and balanced eating, physical activity and mental well-being.

Every two weeks we will be asked to take a short quiz to assess what we have learned and, at the end of the project, a winner will be named, who will be awarded the title of healthiest employee of ALBA Robot!

We can't wait to find out!


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