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Open Call for Training by AIBC EUROCLUSTERS

Updated: Jun 7

We are proud to announce that ALBA Robot has been selected to participate in the AIBC Open Call for Training, launched and managed by AIBC EUROCLUSTERS!

AIBC EUROCLUSTERS stands for Artificial Intelligence & Block Chain for a greener and more digital economy supported by EUROpean CLUSTERS.

The AIBC EUROCLUSTERS Open Calls are targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups working on the AI & BC technologies, from the manufacturing, mobility, logistics and energy industrial sectors, that are interested in adopting AI & BC solutions to become more digital, resilient and green.

The AIBC EUROCLUSTERS Consortium is coordinated by Fondazione Piemonte Innova, in partnership with Bwcon, ICT Cluster, MLC ITS Euskadi - Cluster de Movilidad y Logistica, Environment Park and Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley.

The Open Call for Training, which started in November 2023, is giving us access to training activities (such as coaching, mentoring, interactive training, on-the-job training, courses) that support our team members in the development of their competences, improving specific digital skills that can further enable digitalisation and greener transition of our company.

Here are the involvement, goals, activities developed and the results of these funded activities, giving the word to the team members who participated in the AIBC Open Call for Training.

Alfredo Baldó, what have you learned during the courses financed by AIBC EUROCLUSTERS?

"At this point of the Machine Learning DevOps course I have learned to make use of clean code and good practices regarding testing and logging. Furthermore, I have been able to create Machine Learning pipelines and versioning a model.

I am looking forward to the next steps that involve setting up the model to adjust when variables changes and to learning the recommended procedure for deploying the machine learning models."

Benedetto Ginestra, what do you find the most interesting aspects of the course financed by AIBC EUROCLUSTERS you are attending?

"It is surprising to find out how many real world problems - basically everything in every field - can be addressed and solved by means of graph representation.

This approach can exploit the meaning and the potential of existing relationships and in the meantime discover new, unexplored paths - and I think that this is a turning point".

Dario Gulotta, how will the company change with the new content acquired during the courses financed by AIBC EUROCLUSTERS?

"After completing the course on designing and implementing meta-learning algorithms, the business impact will be significant. I have acquired advanced skills that could improve problem solving, increase operational efficiency inside the company, facilitate rapid adaptation to market changes, and improve business data analysis. This could lead to more customized solutions, as well as a competitive advantage and continued innovation in the industry".

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the AIBC EUROCLUSTERS program, enabling us to acquire new fundamental skills that we will use to grow our company!


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