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Istituto Agnelli - High school work-related internship

Updated: 7 days ago

We recently had the chance to test and cover yet another hundred kilometers with our wheelchair!

We were able to reach this big goal thanks to Alexandru Chindris, Marco Garabello, Simone Laudani, Giacomo Lurgo, Pierpaolo Quijada and Dario Ruggieri, the students who collaborated on the work-related learning experience promoted by their school, Istituto Internazionale Edoardo Agnelli, that we thank for giving us the opportunity to use its spaces and resources.

“My internship experience at the Istituto Agnelli in collaboration with ALBA Robot lasted two months. It consisted in the testing of wheelchair models designed to facilitate the transport of people who may encounter difficulties. Our tutors were very helpful and guided us throughout the experience.

I had the chance to see a very complex and interesting job up close. I thought I would spend two months just watching and learning, but after a few days they allowed me to put into practice the things they were teaching me.

I am very satisfied with this experience because I got along very well with everyone and at the end I was also sorry to leave the group” says Alexandru Chindris.

“It was an interesting, fun and very educational experience that helped me to clarify my ideas on how a company works”, says Marco Garabello. “The internship consisted in testing a wheelchair that drives autonomously, in order to find and fix any bugs, with the assistance of members of the ALBA Robot team.

I am happy to have participated in this very innovative project because I had the opportunity to learn many new things and also to have fun doing what I am studying”.

“Our job was to test the wheelchair in development, making sure it worked as intended and reporting any problems”, explains Simone Laudani.

“Thanks to the help of some members of the ALBA Robot team, who provided us with the tools to do the job in the best possible way, we have achieved excellent results. I thank everyone for offering us this great opportunity to grow professionally and learn new things”.

Giacomo Lurgo says: “Working on the development of the ALBA Robot project, I had the opportunity to experience for the first time what it means to be part of a working reality. We were asked to test the wheelchair for any problems, so at each session we took note of all the robot's behavior.

This experience represented for me an enrichment not only on a personal level, but above all on a working level in a sector that I am very passionate about”.

“My experience with ALBA Robot was very useful because it allowed me to interact with the world of robotics and also to learn how to work in a team. The tests we did on the wheelchair helped to understand a lot of things about its performance, such as battery life and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Not all schools allow you to participate in such interesting internships, so I feel proud and grateful for having had this opportunity”, says Pierpaolo Quijada.

Dario Ruggieri says: “Thanks to the internship in collaboration with ALBA Robot I had the opportunity to discover and use a technology with which I had never had experience before: being able to work with a robot allowed me to learn new concepts and apply those learned at school.

The activity took place through group work with my classmates, among whom it was necessary to divide the tasks: alternating driving the wheelchair, compiling the database or creating the suitable environment for wheelchair control”.


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