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Finpiemonte's conference - "Synergy between public aid and private funds for innovative startups"

ALBA Robot had the pleasure of attending the conference "Synergy between public aid and private funds for innovative startups. Finpiemonte, a flywheel of resources for the territory".

Together with other Piedmont based startups operating in strategic sectors for technological and sustainable growth and that have benefited from the synergy between public and private financial instruments, our CEO Andrea Bertaia was invited to tell about our positive experience.

The event, held at Environment Park, took an in-depth look at the ecosystem of Piedmont's innovative startups. It was an important opportunity to demonstrate Finpiemonte's role in creating synergies between the public and private sectors.

The activity carried out by CDP Venture Capital SGR with a national network of accelerators and funds dedicated to innovative startups was highlighted, while Regione Piemonte presented the measures put in place and soon to be activated to support them.

We would like to thank Mario Alparone, General Manager of Finpiemonte, for inviting us!


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