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Collaboration with Dussmann - Experimentation within Consorzio Kursana's nursing homes

From the very beginning of our journey, we have been working on the development of an innovative mobility solution with the goal of changing the way People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) move and enhancing their independence.

Three years later, thanks to a project co-funded by Regione Piemonte, we are finally experimenting the use of our autonomous driving vehicles within the Consorzio Kursana's nursing homes.

Our devices on the one hand make the elderly freer and more independent, on the other hand reduce the work of the medical staff, which in hospital settings where there is often a shortage of staff is a considerable advantage.

We are happy to collaborate with Dussmann and we are grateful for their support in directing us to the market and sharing data.

We combine the most innovative technologies from Automotive, Robotics, AI and IoT, but it's the customers who suggest how to develop them in order to meet real needs and make sure that our vehicles work at their best!


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