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ALBA Robot, the first smart & autonomous wheelchair that uses voice assistant technology

Aggiornamento: 16 mar 2022

ALBA Robot is an innovative system that supports the transportation of people who move slower integrating the best technologies, such as autonomous driving and robotics.

The wheelchair prototype, designed to simplify the life of people with reduced mobility, is able to communicate with those who use it and the surrounding infrastructures.

The project also sees the collaboration of leading companies in their respective sectors: Presidio Sanitario San Camillo, Moschini, Teoresi, Amazon Alexa, STMicroelectronics, United Technologies Research Center, Torino Wireless, R.Zenti, Bd Sound, TwinPixel, Otis.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the success of the project!”, says Andrea Bertaia, CEO & co-founder of ALBA Robot. “I'm not talking about the market, but about the collaboration: we found ourselves around many roundtables and a few days after the meetings, the companies wanted to collaborate without waiting to see what the return will be. After all, a return is immediately evident: we are using the technologies we know to help those who, for infinite reasons, move slower”.


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